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Pool Services in Hayward

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Chemical Service

Save your pool's finish, your equipment and possibly your family's health by having us out weekly to manage your pool water

Vacuuming & Cleaning

Regular brushing and vacuuming of the pool is essential.

Days a Year

Weekly Spa Cleaning

Keep your spa shiny like the sun. Our weekly spa cleaning is the best decision.

Equipment Repairs

Pulpito's Pool Service is the warranty Service Company for many Pool Products.

Without the right goals, you’re setting yourself ...

Weekly Pool Services

Commercial & Residential

With best chemicals in the pool industry Pulpito's Pool Service maintains the clarity and quality of your pool water. Also, we pay full cleaning services for your pool and spa. We eliminate all traces of your pool, brush where necessary and maintain your filtration system clean. We routinely eliminate phosphate and metal build up in your pool water. We add the best water clarifies on the market to help filter your water and shine. We inspect all pool systems and components to ensure proper operation.



This service includes:

1. Check and adjust water chemistry

2. Skim the surface of the spa, vacuum and brush the bottom of the walls of the spa

3. Empty all debris from the basket, check the water pump and supplies of chemical

4. Testing and inspecting equipment

5. Remove debris in the water.

Our Pool Services


Do not leave the health care of his family in inexperienced hands, the treatment of your pool water is very important for the health of their loved ones. Pulpito's Pool Service is dedicated to managing the water quality of your pool, using chemicals and adequate amounts to maintain water quality. The health of your family is more important to Pulpito's Pool Service has a water treatment program for all budget.


Regular brushing and vacuuming the pool is essential. The manual brushing and aspiration should be done at least every week or depending on the plan. The dirt and debris consume chemicals and can stain the pool. Therefore, it is important to remove all leaves, debris and dirt as soon as possible through proper cleaning. When the accumulation of very large leaves our system we use "Power Vac System" a quick and easy tool to clean your pool with the highest quality.


Pulpito's Pool Service offers a fully serviced weekly and clarifying the water by chemicals needed to maintain its in optimal conditions. We take care to check the filtration system and pump system. This basic service keeps your pool clean and warns of problems with your system./p>